the different types of aluminum we accept

Aluminum Gutters & Siding

Aluminum Gutters & Siding are aluminum house siding, rain gutters, fascia, ect. May have paint but must be free of staples, nails or other contaminates.

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  • Radiators

    Radiators can be found in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes. Please drain your radiator before you bring it to us.

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  • Aluminum Cans

    Any aluminum beverage container that has been emptied of its contents and is uncontaminated

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  • Cast Aluminum

    Cast is an Aluminum Alloy that has been poured or "cast" into shape. A higher Zinc, Copper or Magnesium content contributes to the pricing.

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  • Painted Clip Aluminum

    Painted Clip is the same as regular clip, however, may contain small amounts of paint, caulk or coatings.

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