the different types of aluminum we accept

Clip Aluminum (MLC)

Clip Aluminum is the most common grade of aluminum. Mixture of various aluminum alloys. Consists of plate, bar, solids, chunks or machined parts. Must be free of contamination, paint, nails, screws, etc. Misc Aluminum will fall into this category.

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  • Painted Clip Aluminum

    Painted Clip is the same as regular clip, however, may contain small amounts of paint, caulk or coatings.

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  • Radiators

    Radiators can be found in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes. Please drain your radiator before you bring it to us.

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  • Cast Aluminum

    Cast is an Aluminum Alloy that has been poured or "cast" into shape. A higher Zinc, Copper or Magnesium content contributes to the pricing.

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  • Painted Aluminum Extrusion

    Painted Aluminum Extrusion is the same as regular extruded aluminum, however, may contain small amounts of paint, caulking, weather stripping, dirt, etc.

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