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Where are you located? | Click >>

145 N. 1000 W. | Logan, UT 84321

Do you recycle anything else besides scrap metals? | Click >>

Metal recycling is our specialty but we are just as happy to recycle your paper and cardboard. Presently we do not buy glass, plastic or electronics.

How does the process work? | Click >>

Recycling with Valley Metal Recycling is simple. For small loads, pull directly up to the loading dock and our friendly support staff will weigh your materials and give you a payment ticket. For large loads pull onto the scale located adjacent to the office. After your weight has been recorded you will be instructed where to take your material. Take your purchase ticket back to the office and they will pay you.

What do I need to do to recycle my scrap metals? | Click >>

Couple of simple things:

  • 1- Bring your state ID, Military ID or Passport
  • 2- If possible, sort your like metals by type- Example= separate your aluminum from your copper or stainless. This will make turning in your metals faster and more profitable.
Do you pay cash? | Click >>

Yes, in most instances. Larger dollar transactions may be paid by check.

Do you sell metal to the public? | Click >>

Unfortunately we do not resell any items, including car parts, that have been brought in by other patrons.

I had some metal stolen, what should I do? | Click >>

Call the police to report your material stolen and then CONTACT US
The faster we are made aware of your theft, the best chance we have to identify the materials if they are brought in.

Where does the metal go after I bring it in? | Click >>

The material that we receive is shipped to local, national, and international mills. The materials are melted down and then used to create new products.


Recycling Tips

The more prepared you are, the more cash you’ll make on your scrap metal.  Below are a few tips to help make sure we’re giving you the highest price possible


Tip 1: Crush Your Cans | Click >>

We buy aluminum cans by the pound. Crush your cans before you bring them in so you can fit more into the same amount of space.

Tip 2: Clean Your Metals | Click >>

We pay more for “clean” material. These are non steel materials such as aluminum, copper, or brass that are free of contaminants. Common contaminants are: wood, plastic, steel, rubber, adhesives, and paint. If you clean your material before coming in it will mean more money in your pocket. If you have any questions on how to clean your material please ask our staff. They are happy to help.

Tip 3: Prepare Your Steel | Click >>

Bringing in Steel? We pay more for steel that is “prepared”. This means it is clean (see above) and cut into lengths shorter than 5′. Take a few extra minuets to prepare your steel and make sure you get the most for your scrap.




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