Commercial Recycling

Valley Metal Recycling realizes that not all jobs are equal.  Some jobs may require more capacity than others.  That’s why we are happy to offer a number of containers in different sizes.  Six containers and three sizes to be exact, so you will always be able to find the right container for your job.

Bins & Containers


Why We’re Different

1. We work directly with the mills.

2. We own and operate our trucks and containers

3. Locally owned and operated

4. Over 85 years of experience

All The Right Tools

We have a Fleet of trucks and containers to help you organize and maximize the value of your recyclables.  Just say the word and we can pick up your scrap or leave a bin at your location.  Once it’s full we’ll pick it up, process it and cut you a check.  Easy as that.  Valley Recycling knows that you’re busy and that time is money.  Our fast, reliable service will help you make money and save the environment at the same time.

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On-Site Clean-up Services

Have too much scrap to clean up yourself? No problem, let us do the heavy lifting. We will bring our clean-up crews onsite to haul-away your unwanted scrap. In most cases, we can do all the work and you can still get paid for your scrap metals.

Farm or Ranch Clean Up

We can remove farm implement or surplus equipment from your property. Some restrictions apply, call for details.

Commercial / Business Clean Up

We can remove unused equipment, surplus inventory or outdated productions lines from your business.  Some restrictions apply, call for details.

Industrial Clean Up

We can remove unused equipment or cut up oversized scrap materials onsite. Some restrictions apply, call for details.

Building Demolition

We can demolish warehouses or metals buildings. We factor the scrap value of your building into our bids to reduce the cost to demolish unwanted structures. Some restrictions apply, call for details.

Landfill Clean Up

Let us bale and/or load out the scrap metal piles you have accumulated at your landfill. Some restrictions apply, call for details.

Onsite Services Include

Tonnage and Mileage restrictions apply. Call to discuss your project.

Clean-Ups 2

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