Valley Recycling is your full service recycling company conveniently located in the heart of Cache Valley. We love our community and we love what we do. We are dedicated to our customers and our customer service is second to none!

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Are you a Frequent Recycler?

Recycling with Valley just got even more rewarding. Our Frequent Recyclers Program, a special program for contractors, business owners, and other frequent recyclers.

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Metals We Accept

Learn more about the types of metals we accept and what condition to bring them in.  Get the most out your scrap

FAQ & Tips

Frequently asked questions about our business hours and materials we cannot accept.  Plus a few tips and best practices.


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Frequently asked questions about our hours and the materials we accept. 

Follow the link to learn more about the types of metals we can accept.  Have a material we didn’t list or have a question that we didn’t answer?  Please contact us and we would be happy to answer your questions.

What are your business hours?

Monday – Friday | 8 AM – 5 PM

Saturday | 8:30 AM – 11:30 AM

Sunday  | Closed

Do you recycle anything else besides scrap metals?

Metal recycling is our specialty and we stick to what we are good at. Presently we do not buy glass, paper, plastic or electronics.  We do accept flattened cardboard boxes as a donation.

Do you sell metal to the public?

Unfortunately we do not resell any items, including car parts, that have been brought in by other patrons.

Where are you located?

145 N. 1000 W.
Logan, UT 84321

How does the process work?

Recycling with Valley is simple. Bring your materials to our location. For small loads, pull directly up to the loading dock and our friendly support staff will weigh your materials and give you a payment ticket. For large loads pull onto the scale located adjacent to the office. After your weight has been recorded you will be instructed where to take your material. Take your purchase ticket back to the office and they will pay you.


Not all jobs are created equal.  Sometimes you just need a little more capacity. 

 That’s why we are happy to offer a number of containers in different sizes.  Six containers and three sizes to be exact.  So you’ll always be able to find the right container for your job.

Containers 4


145 N. 1000 W.
Logan, UT 84321