Our annual Earth Day event is back!

Help us celebrate Earth Day and contribute to a better world by recycling any scrap metal items you have. During the week of Earth Day, we pay our HIGHEST PRICES for scrap metal items as well as provide giveaways, raffles, and free food! Below is a list of important information regarding this year’s event:

1.   We will only have the event at ONE LOCATION this year. The only drop-off location will be at our recycling facility at 145 N. 1000 W. in Logan.

2.  The event and promotional prices will last for SIX DAYS, April 22-27 so customers can deliver their scrap metals throughout the weekend and avoid crowds.

3.  In previous years, we asked customers to make an appointment, however, this year, we are no longer asking for appointments. Feel free to drop in anytime during our business hours! We are open 8am-5pm on weekdays and 8am-4pm on Saturday.

4.  This year, we have partnered with Cafe Sabor and Firehouse Subs to hand out free FOOD COUPONS to every customer who recycles at our location.

5.   Every customer will also receive a free stainless-steel water bottle and be entered to win thousands of dollars of giveaways from local businesses!

SPECIAL PRICING (only available April 22-27) 


Bright & Shiny

$3.00 / lb.

#1 Bare Wire & Tubing

$2.95 / lb.

#2 Bare Wire & Tubing

$2.80 / lb.

Insulated Copper Wire (70% Copper)

$1.55 / lb.

Insulated Copper Wire (50% Copper)

$0.93 / lb.


Aluminum Cans

$0.62 / lb.

MLC Aluminum

$0.48 / lb.

Aluminum Sheet

$0.43 / lb.

Cast Aluminum

$0.43 / lb.

Painted MLC Aluminum

$0.44 / lb.


Yellow Brass Solids

$1.87 / lb.

Red Brass Solids

$2.09 / lb.



Lead Acid Batteries

$0.12 / lb.



Stainless Steel $0.25 / lb.
Stainless Steel (316 Grade) $0.63 / lb.

Complete Automobiles w/Catalytic Converter (w/Title)

$100 Per Net Ton

Incomplete Automobiles ( w/Title)

$80 Per Net Ton


Tin & Steel

$80 / Net Ton

Complete Automobiles w/Catalytic Converter (w/Title)

$100 / Net Ton

Incomplete Automobiles ( w/Title)

$80 / Net Ton


APRIL 22 – 27


145 N. 1000 W. | Logan UT 84321


Recycling with Valley Recycling during Earth Day is easy.

1. Gather any scrap metal items and separate each different metal

2. Show up during business hours

3. Get unloaded quickly.

4. Get paid cash and receive a variety of giveaways and food coupons!

5. Leave with a smile on your face!

Valley Recycling Truck


What documents do I need to scrap my vehicle?

Required documents for selling vehicles:

– A state-issued vehicle title matching the VIN on the vehicle and with the form completed. (see next question)

– A state-issued photo I.D.

– Bills of sale CANNOT be used in the sale of a vehicle.

What information needs to be completed on the title when selling my vehicle?

Here is a checklist for filling out your title.

  • – Owners information and address.
  • – VIN, year, make, model
  • – Odometer (if vehicle is newer than 2010 model year)
  • – If the title shows a Lien-holder the lien release MUST be completed and signed by the lien holder.
  • – Title must have all previous and current owners’ signatures (Chain of Ownership)
  • – Seller’s Name and current Full Address
  • – Seller’s Signature and Date.
  • – If more than one owner is listed, then more than one seller signature may be required.
  • – If the names are connected with an “AND” then both/all signatures are required as the Seller.
  • – If the names are connected with an “OR” then either signature alone is enough.
  • – If multiple names are listed without “AND” or “OR” then all signatures are required.


1. What materials/items are accepted?

We accept a wide variety of items for recycling. Below is a table of items we routinely accept. Feel free to contact us if you don’t see your item.


Aluminum Cans

Metal Pipe/Tubing

Appliances (No Refrigerators)

Metal Sheet/Plate

Bare Wire

Metal Turnings/Shavings

Batteries (Lead/Acid only)



Siding/Rain gutters

Bullet Shells (Fired)

Stainless Steel

Car Parts (Drained)

Steel / Cast Iron


Tin Cans

Catalytic Converters

Valves, Fittings

Electric Motors/Transformers

Water Heaters

Insulated Wire

Wheels/Rims (No Tires)

Metal Furniture (80%+ Metal)

Window Panes (No Glass)

2. What are your hours during Earth Day Promotion?

Monday – Friday: 8 AM – 5 PM

Saturday: 8 AM – 4 PM

3. When & where is lunch served?

This year, rather than preparing and serving food at our location, we will be providing snacks, drinks, giveaways, and food coupons to Cafe Sabor and Firehouse Subs. These vouchers can be taken to the restaurants to redeem for discounts. These vouchers will make the drop-off experience quicker and easier (by removing the added traffic and space required for on-site lunch) and will also ensure that ALL our customers get rewarded with free food, rather than just those who attend during lunch hour.

4. Can I use my Valley coupons during Earth Day?

No, the Earth Day promotional prices are the best offers of the year and coupons cannot be applied during this week long promotion.

5. How does the process work?

Valley Metal Recycling makes recycling simple. When you show up for your reserved time slot, you will be greeted by a friendly employee who will direct you where to drop off your recyclable material. After your materials have been weighed and off-loaded, you will be given a weight ticket and directed to the office where you will be payed cash!

6. Where are you located?

145 N. 1000 W.
Logan, UT 84321 

7. Do you recycle anything else besides scrap metals?

Metal recycling is our specialty but we are just as happy to recycle your paper and cardboard. Presently we do not buy glass, plastic or electronics.

8. Do you accept electronic scrap ( E-Scrap or E-Waste)?

Unfortunately, we do not accept electronics at this time.

9. Where does the metal go after I bring it in?

The material that we receive is shipped to local, national, and international mills. The materials are melted down and then used to create new products.


Email or call us — (435) 752-0571